Eamonn Perry has been a saint from the age of four. As a child he has learnt all the basic fundamental skills of football. Ten years later his talent and growth is starting to shine through. Eamonn plays for St Marys Athletic 2007s (under 15s). He is now showing all the signs of a great talented footballer. 

At the age Eamonn is at present, it is not just about the first touch, passing and dribbling ability and all the ball mastery skills. It is about the technical and tactical side of the game too. Eamonn has great movement off the ball, creating space, positional awareness and overall reading of the game. His overall ability continues to develop and grow from strength to strength.  He has the physical and psychological side of the game too which is just as important.  

As a coach/volunteer watching the growth of not just Eamonn, but any child is what we all do it for. To watch a child learn, grow and develop and continue to excel. It is just the best feeling as a coach/volunteer and as a parent too. St Marys are very proud of Eamonn, the mighty saint and his Journey so far.

Eamonn plays for the saints in the South Belfast Youth League. He has been selected to represent the league in their very own select side. This is a great achievement and the club are very proud of Eamonn. 

The select side went across the water in October to play some elite teams. The 2007 select side played Tottenham Hotspur, Mk Dons and Watford. The first game was against category 1 Tottenham Hotspur . A great opportunity for the players to express themselves against such an elite opposition.  The game ended 1-0 to spurs. There was not much in it and shows the wealth of talent on show of the SBYL select side.

The second game the SBYL Select side where beaten 2-0 by MK Dons and the last game the SBYL side beat Watford 4-0. The SBYL now have a partnership with MK Dons. The partnership will give MK Dons the chance to network in Northern Ireland by travelling here with various squads within their academy for friendly games and tournaments.

Well done to Eamonn and his success so far in his footballing journey. The SBYL select team have been playing in the Kennedy cup in the school boys association of Ireland. The squad finished top of their group.  Today they play their semi-final against DDSL at Abbotts town. We wish  Eamonn all the best of luck.

We as a club are very proud of your growth and development Eamonn. Keep up the hard. Up the Saints

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